Red5 Server upgraded all its servers to 1 GigE (1000Mbit) dedicated port

Yesterday Mr. Paul Santos CEO of Red5 Server a division of Hosting Marketers, Inc. announced at Piazza Hotel in New York the upgrade of all the managed servers, over 745 that Red5 Server manages on its datacenter in Chicago to a staggering 1 GigE (1000Mbit) dedicated port! The cost of this upgrade was $325.880 which Hosting Marketers, Inc. advanced 65% to be repaid in 2 years.

Mr. Paul Santos congratulated all the staff of Red5 Server for the good work during this last 12 months, which saw an increase of 350% in customers numbers, “We are now the premier Red5 Hosting and red5 servers suppliers in the all USA, we must keep the position, and increase it, next year we will start promoting our services to the Chinese market, and we hope that next year at this time we celebrate as we are celebrating today, thank you all, from the customer support team, and a work of special thanks to Chris our Customer support manager whose hard work as once more made all of us proud! Thank you, thank you all. ”

red5 server

red5 server

Red5 Server can be visited at

red5 and ffmpeg

One of our customers asked if he could stream through the ffmpeg folder.

FFmpeg is a software which converts video files in different formats to video files in flv format this videos are then streamed through a swf player just like the streaming of red5 videos, which are also on flv format. so ffmpeg is not to stream is to convert the file to a a format in which the video can then be streamed.
let me give you an example of the use of ffmpeg, if you go to (login visio passw. 123456) you can upload a video what ever format, for example in wmv which can only be played on windows media player or similar and then this video in wmv is converted to flv and you can then stream it.

but there is also a difference on the stream, with red5 you have the advantage of:

The advantages of a streaming red5 server are:

    1. Users can seek to any place in the video timeline without waiting for the whole video to buffer
    2. No physical data is saved on the users PC cache, so your media files are better protected
    3. It uses less bandwidth than progressive*
    4. Streams can be combined into a single gapless stream

* This is because on average a user will not watch the entire video, but with progressive download they will still download the entire file.

Progressive streaming is the normal one, like on our demo site

RTMP and video streaming

RTMP path is not a link for streaming videos, it is a path to a a folder on red5 which will allow your red5 application to connect to red5 on our servers. Did I make it a bit clear?

for example lets take this application:

for this application to work we uploaded a folder called videowhisper to red5/webapps folder inside the server then on this script there is a file called settings.php and we entered this rtmp path which was:

now do you see how it works?

red5 hosting or Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) hosting

Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) is a protocol for streaming audio, video and data over the Internet, between a Flash player and a server. A special software is required to run on server side for accepting and serving the rtmp connections from flash clients. We provide managed RTMP hosting based on RED5.

Red5 is shared on our shared hosting plans that means although you can use red5 to stream your videos you will not have access to the red5 folder. Most scripts based on red5 need to upload a folder inside red5/webapps.

This folder is important because it will be on the RTMP path, ex.


Contact us so we can upload your folder to red5/webapps and then give you the rtmp path.

RTMP Hosting

Could not reserve enough space for object heap

While restarting the red5 service on the server, If you get following error

——————BEGIN SESSION——————
root@server [~]# cd /usr/local/red5
root@server [/usr/local/red5]#sh &
Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for object heap
Could not create the Java virtual machine.

Then the best solution is to increase the RAM available to the red5. Locate, it is on the red5 folder and replace this line:



And restart
On our server s at Hosting Marketers, and Red5 Server we actually give more RAM to red5:
Xms1024m and Xmx2048m
This really depends on the kind of machine you have and the RAM available.

How to stop, start or restart red5

Important commands for the red5:

Login to ssh and enter the following commands.

#cd /usr/local/red (takes you to the red5 folder)

to stop red5:
#service red5 stop

the command to start red5:
#./ &

When you see this line:
2009-09-27 23:26:32,365 [main] INFO org.red5.server.Standalone – Startup done i
n: 5464 ms (it will be easy because the lines will stop running at this point)

Wait 15 seconds
Then you must log off from the terminal screen
Press ctrl+A+D (if you don’t log off, after a while red5 will go down again)

Every time you put some folder on /red5-server folder/webapps/ you will need to restart the red5.

Red5 Hosting