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Wowza Hosting

This week Hosting Marketers is going to start offering wowza hosting as an addon to the current hosting packages, with a extra monthly fee of $15 the customer has access to wowza media server, for video streaming, video on demand and live broadcast.

The advantage of wowza to red5 which Hosting Marketers has been offering since 2005 is the possibility to broadcast to apple devices, iphones and ipads. Red5 although our primary choice as unfortunately yet to implement this.

On our server red5 will be streamed through port 5080 and 1935 and wowza will be on port 1936.

So on a rtmp for wowza the port 1936 must be entered, example below:


Wowza can also be used on iphones and most mobile devices, in this case the url should be:

Notice that it is not a rtmp but a http!

Any question please contact us at: