Wowza Hosting

All our Plans are on 1 GigE (1000 Mbps) dedicated Port servers!

wowza hostingWowza Streaming Media Server, has all the advantages of Red5 plus much more!

1 - Heavy duty load management - Now connect more and more users!

2 - Certified Stability - Run commercial applications without fear!

3- Higher video quality - Flawless H264 streaming.

4 - Multi-platform support - Stream to different endpoints, IPhone, IPad, Android, Flash, VLC and more...

Ideal solution for Sport Events, Churches, big or small who want to Broadcast Live so increasing their attendance. Using our Wowza Streaming services is the optimal solution to broadcast to a large audience from a few days or to the more permanent online TV stations. Our prices are the lowest on the market, taking in consideration the bandwidth allowed to each plan.

All our plans are on 1 GigE (1000 Mbps) dedicated Port servers!

To Order Wowza, register for normal Hosting and during the process add Wowza as an add-on to your Hosting, the cost is $15 extra a month, or order directly from the table below.


For more information regarding Wowza or any other questions that you may have, our experienced support engineers are ready to assist you. For your convenience we are available 24/7. To contact us click here

Wowza Media streaming demo account

Order a Wowza Media streaming demo account and test our services. This demo account includes 3 max. listeners, 200 MB of traffic and is available for 3 days. You can upgrade to a paid account anytime and keep the same settings. Order Free account here.

To broadcast use the desktop encoder FMLE, can be downloaded here.

Wowza Media Server

Max Bit Rate
Up to 35
1000 Mbps
2 GB
1 TB
320 KB
Up to 50
1000 Mbps
5 GB
2 TB
480 KB
Up to 100
1000 Mbps
10 GB
480 KB
Up to 300
1000 Mbps
50 GB
480 KB
Up to 600
1000 Mbps
100 GB
560 KB
Up to 999
1000 Mbps
500 GB
640 KB

*All our plans are on 1 GigE (1000 Mbps) dedicated Port servers!

Free Jwplayer premium edition.


On Demand Video Streaming with Wowza

To see the video below on an Iphone click here! or here for the direct link.