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RTMP Server Prices

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RTMP Server Hosting For Streaming

RTMP Server Hosting: Elevate Your Streaming Experience Leverage our RTMP server hosting to seamlessly ingest your live streams, encoding them into HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) for universal playback across devices, from desktops to mobiles, via our HTML5 Players.

Perfect for live streaming events, from vibrant sports and church gatherings to high-quality broadcasts. Our platform supports On-Demand Video Streaming, allowing you to upload and dynamically manage your video playlists. Create your own TV Station by scheduling video playlists and switching to live broadcasts on your terms. Additionally, our IP Camera re-stream feature enables continuous live streaming from any IP security camera, ensuring you never miss a moment.

RTMP Server Hosting

Find the Perfect RTMP Bitrate for Your Streaming Needs

The key to a superior streaming experience lies in selecting the right bitrate. Bitrate, the measure of data transmission and processing during video streaming, significantly influences stream quality. Higher bitrates ensure superior video quality, making the choice of RTMP package a pivotal decision based on your streaming requirements.

Depending on your needs, our diverse package options cater to various bitrates, allowing you to tailor your streaming quality by adjusting your encoder settings, such as with OBS.

Enhancing your streaming quality hinges on choosing the ideal bitrate. Bitrate—the rate at which data is transmitted and processed in video streaming—plays a crucial role in determining stream quality. Opting for a higher bitrate not only guarantees improved video quality but also necessitates increased bandwidth. Therefore, selecting the right RTMP package becomes essential, as it must align with both your streaming aspirations and bandwidth capabilities.

For mobile streaming, choose from:

  • 720 kbps for standard quality on smartphones.
  • 1024 kbps for crisp, high-quality streams on mobile devices.

For versatile streaming across devices:

  • 1792 kbps ensures medium quality streaming on any device.
  • 2048 kbps elevates your stream to medium-high quality across platforms.
  • 3072 kbps for pristine, high-quality streaming on any device.

For those aiming for the highest streaming quality, perfect for TV broadcasts, check our dedicated streaming servers page URL, designed to offer limitless bitrate flexibility and remove all constraints on your streaming capabilities.

Elevate Your Streaming Game: Choose the Perfect RTMP Server!

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