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Hosting Marketers is the Premier RTMP Server Hosting

Hosting Marketers has been at the forefront of RTMP servers for Live Streaming, FFmpeg video hosting, and shared web hosting with Red5 for video chats since 2005.

From Shared CPANEL hosting with FFmpeg, RTMP Hosting, and Python to RTMP Servers to Enterprise Dedicated Servers.

Shared CPANEL Hosting

Speed, Reliability, Latest Technology, and Excellent Customer Support

RTMP Server Hosting For Streaming

Our RTMP server ingests your stream and then encodes and sends it to HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), which your viewers can watch anywhere from desktops to mobiles, with our HTML5 Players.

  1. RTMP Server Hosting for Streaming live broadcasts, sports, or church events with high quality.
  2. On-Demand Video Streaming, upload your videos with dynamic playlists.
  3. TV Station, upload your videos on a playlist and start at the schedule, go live when you need.
  4. IP Camera re-stream, stream live from an IP security camera at any time.
RTMP Server Hosting

RTMP Server Prices


Dedicated Servers

With a dedicated server, you are assured of higher reliability, complete privacy, and full security, with our dedicated support we give you the freedom of total control.
At Hosting Marketers our highly qualified and expert technical team has managed and administered hundreds of servers since 2003.

Our servers are all capable of high speeds and all optimized for live streaming services. We can also install and set up a fully integrated RTMP server for live streaming.

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