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Hosting Marketers offers on all its shared hosting plans FFmpeg. From Video One to Video 5 the customer can use FFmpeg to create beautiful sites with the option to upload videos which are converted immediately to FLV or MP4 format, allowing desktop or mobile users to enjoy the Youtube experience.

Your site hosted with us will allow your users to upload video to your web site in all of the most popular video formats, which will be then converted using FFmpeg into something anyone can watch, even full High Definition video.

On the customer cpanel there is a software called Softaculous, this is an installer, with 3 or 4 clicks of your mouse you can install over 250 scripts, from WordPress to Joomla to video sites scripts. Some of this video scripts have not been maintained for many years, like PHPMotion, VidiScript, they should not be installed, installing then is inviting hackers to your site.


The software’s still updated and working are the Clipbucket, Vshare and CumulusClips. We will gladly install and test one of this scripts on your account. You just need to email us.

FFmpeg hosting