RTMP & Red5 Explained

Red5 is open source flash server written in java which supports streaming audio/video, recording client streams, shared objects, live stream publishing etc. It’s a much cheaper alternative in hosting terms to the expensive Adobe FMS. Red5 can do everything that Adobe FMS can do. You need a Red5 hosting if you want to broadcast live audio / video streams. You can also record your live media streams using Red5. These are the main advantages of using a streaming server: Advantages for the end user (client):
    1. The server can detect the client’s connection speed and automatically provide the best video stream.
    2. Playback starts sooner, and the user can skip to any part of the video without having to wait for the whole file to download.
Advantages for the provider (webmaster):
  1. The ability to broadcast live streaming events.
  2. The ability to provide advanced interactive content such as live chat, video conferencing, etc.
  3. Video playback is more efficient, requiring less server resources and data transfer.
  4. Video files are not downloaded to the client’s computer, so there is less chance of content being stolen.
  5. Detailed statistics, diagnostics, etc.


Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) is a protocol for streaming audio, video and data over the Internet, between a Flash player and a server. A special software is required to run on server side for accepting and serving the rtmp connections from flash clients. We provide managed RTMP hosting based on RED5. Red5 is shared on our shared hosting plans that means although you can use red5 to stream your videos you will not have access to the red5 folder. Most scripts based on red5 need to upload a folder inside red5/webapps. This folder is important because it will be on the RTMP path, ex. rtmp://your-server-ip/folder-name RTMP path is not a link for streaming videos, it is a path to a a folder on red5 which will allow your red5 application to connect to red5 on our servers. for example lets take this application: http://red5stream.com/videoconference/ For this application to work we uploaded a folder called videowhisper to red5/webapps folder inside the server, then on this script located at http://red5stream.com/videoconference/ there is a file called settings.php and we entered this rtmp path which was: rtmp://the-server-IP/videowhisper If you have a folder to upload to red5/webapps contact support. Please note that every time we upload a new folder it is necessary to restart Red5, because of that we upload only once a day.  

Video Streaming

Red5 Can be used to stream videos.

In general, the advantages of a streaming server are:
    1. Users can seek to any place in the video timeline without waiting for the whole video to buffer
    2. No physical data is saved on the users PC cache, so your media files are better protected
    3. It uses less bandwidth than progressive*
    4. Streams can be combined into a single gapless stream
* This is because on average a user will not watch the entire video, but with progressive download they will still download the entire file.


Sample video streaming with Red5:



Live Broadcast

Another feature of red5, perhaps the most interesting one is that it allows to broadcast live events directly from your desktop. To do this you need a media encoder you can use ours here or you can use the Adobe Flash Media Encoder, you can download it here (please note that according to their TOS you are not supposed to use with Red5). Contact us if you would like to test a RED5 RTMP.