An email from a customer, after a server upgrade.

Everything was perfect. thank you very much. great job and I think you guys are awesome. Very quick and help. I wish everybody knew about you guys. I put your name and my experiences with you guys out everywhere I can. Man, i wish i would have known about you guys years ago.. I just hope when you guys get massivly big, you still have the same kind of quick response and help you have now. Ipowerweb did that. I used them when They were just starting out and was very small. Service was outstanding. When they grew, your lucky if they ever even respond to emails or calls. I had database issue that was on their end. and took three weeks for them to respond. and then wanted to play question tag instead of just looking into the issue and fixing it. I would call support and have to wait 2-3 hours just for tech to tell me they will hand the problem over to someone else and they will notify me when Issue is being worked on. A week went by and nothing. I was done with them. So was alot of other customers. If you guys could keep this kind of service up no matter how large you got, not only would you continue to draw in more and more customers but, your company would have security knowing the customers will never leave you. That’s just from my perspective as a consumer dealing with so many really bad hosts and now that I found such an awesome team with you guys, word of mouth by customers is the absolute best advertising in the world. All satisfied and happy consumers tell everyone about their experiences. You guys are the best. Thanks for always being their for me and my site needs.

Thank you,

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