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testing a red5 live streaming rtmp, plus creating a player for the rtmp

We created an app for live streaming here.

Now we going to test it and create a player code so we can start streaming to our site.

Do you have fmle installed on your computer? You need to download it from adobe.

Lets test it first, go to

enter the rtmp of your app. the rtmp is

rtmp://server IP/app



Enter this URL on the long string and click connect, now click “Publish” your camera will start,  and now click “Play” if the 2 players show the same thing you are on. Everything is good.

OK, now we have to work on “stream name”. We talked about rtmp, and we tested it, the testing site if you go back to it

it has a stream name, “testing” this must be on both the publishing and on the player.

so it must be on the FMLE and on the player code.


(click on the image to have a better view)

the FMLE on the left you have your settings, frame per second, bitrate, your camera, format.

on the red5 server your bitrate should be about 320kbps higher then that you need a lot of RAM and server resources.

lets configure the fmle as the image shows.

on the right on the FMS URL enter the rtmp and on the stream enter your chosen stream name, in this case I entered “live” see image.

click connect, and then below click “Start”

you now streaming to your server.


Now creating a player for this stream. Go to

at the bottom on the “Streamer” enter the rtmp:


and on “Stream / File Name” enter the stream name, which we used on the FMLE, “live”

Click  “Generate Code!”

Take the “Preview & Embed” code, paste on your site and that’s it.

You can also use an image on the player, it will show before the user click to play,  enter the image URL on “Overlay Poster”

creating a new app on Red5 for live streaming

We will call this app live221.

first of all download the folder live from red5, the path is /usr/local/red5/webapps

if you ftp to the server you will see these apps.

then rename the folder live to live221

open the folder and go inside \WEB-INF folder, there are 3 files there, you need to change 2.

1- file:
2 – file: web.xml

open on a text editor , you will see the 2 lines below:

change it to:


now open the second file web.xml the code on top:

red5 live app

upload the new folder, restart the Red5

go to the Red5 admin area and you will see the new app.

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Red5 Server upgraded all its servers to 1 GigE (1000Mbit) dedicated port

Yesterday Mr. Paul Santos CEO of Red5 Server a division of Hosting Marketers, Inc. announced at Piazza Hotel in New York the upgrade of all the managed servers, over 745 that Red5 Server manages on its datacenter in Chicago to a staggering 1 GigE (1000Mbit) dedicated port! The cost of this upgrade was $325.880 which Hosting Marketers, Inc. advanced 65% to be repaid in 2 years.

Mr. Paul Santos congratulated all the staff of Red5 Server for the good work during this last 12 months, which saw an increase of 350% in customers numbers, “We are now the premier Red5 Hosting and red5 servers suppliers in the all USA, we must keep the position, and increase it, next year we will start promoting our services to the Chinese market, and we hope that next year at this time we celebrate as we are celebrating today, thank you all, from the customer support team, and a work of special thanks to Chris our Customer support manager whose hard work as once more made all of us proud! Thank you, thank you all. ”

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