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creating a new app on Red5 for live streaming

We will call this app live221.

first of all download the folder live from red5, the path is /usr/local/red5/webapps

if you ftp to the server you will see these apps.

then rename the folder live to live221

open the folder and go inside \WEB-INF folder, there are 3 files there, you need to change 2.

1- file:
2 – file: web.xml

open on a text editor , you will see the 2 lines below:

change it to:


now open the second file web.xml the code on top:

red5 live app

upload the new folder, restart the Red5

go to the Red5 admin area and you will see the new app.

The servers we use, Lenovo RD240

Some of our customers ask what kind of servers we use. Although we have some older ones E5420, and the E5520, the latest ones we use are E5620 on a Lenovo RD240 box. 16 core, 48 giga of RAM connected on a 2 Gbps dedicated port.

take a look at the video provided by Lenovo:

Please visit our Hybrid servers page Red5 Managed Servers

or our dedicated servers at:

Dedicated Media Streaming servers