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what is Disk I/O Usage and why on my cpanel it shows it in full red?

I/O (input/output defined as KB/s) is just the “throughput” or speed of data transfer between the hard disk and the RAM. On a server, a disk I/O describes every process that involves writing to or reading from a storage device which on a shared web hosting server will be the hard disk drive, or HDD. I/O processes to an HDD are particularly slow when compared with solid-state memory such as RAM, HDD I/O is, on average, 2,000 times slower.

In a web hosting environment, a web server must support hundreds perhaps thousands of sites simultaneously while creating a well-balanced server environment. The more accounts your provider stuffs on the server, the more noticeable slow disk I/O becomes. While any decent web hosting will not place hard limits on most of the resources, there are some that need to be proactively regulated so that one individual or account do not consume everything.

Most Linux servers in today’s shared hosting environment runs Apache web servers. And, most of these support CGI and FastCGI scripts – written in a number of languages, such as Perl, Python, and the most popular, PHP. A single site potentially can consume all CPU, IO, Memory resources or Apache processes and this may bring the server to a complete grinding halt.

These limits are designed or rather configured to make sure that no single web site can bring down the web server which will affect everyone else.

As you may have noticed, your website doesn’t throw up any noticeable error (sometimes you may see 508 error; again that will depend on how the server is configured) when you exceed your i/o limit. What will happen is that it will the site start responding slower or just “hangs” unable to fulfill the request which typically (do bear in mind that there may be other reasons why this happens) is to transfer data from the hard disk to the RAM. Simply put, it is a limit that when you reach your assigned or subscribed limit, the processes are throttled (put to sleep).

Again, any decent hosting company will grant you what is termed as “soft limit” whereby if you exceeds it, your site will not hang but you will receive warning depending on the setup.

Then, there is the “hard limit” which when you exceed … well, you hang.

In our own environment, we have an in-house systems that make sure that no matter what any customers does, it will never affect other customers on the machine. This control resources being used by all processes for any single account. This eliminates the noisy, bad neighbor effect, improve our server’s stability, and give every webmaster on the server real bang for his/her bucks.

In fact, we have configured:

Soft Limit so that when customers exceed their resource allocations the site will slow down but not hang to accommodate web owners who temporarily exceed inode restrictions.

Hard Limit mode where it would be impossible to create new files and folders after these allocations have been used up.

What will happen is that when:

* a user hits max entry processes limits — we display 508 Resource Limits Reached
* a user hits CPU limit — site will be slow. This often causes surge in connections, hitting max entry processes and 508 error. The account consuming too many resources will temporarily stop working until their resource usage returns to normal. Meanwhile, the other tenants on the server will continue to run normally.


if your site is a wordpress install the plugin performance profiler, this will try to find out which of your plugins is using more resources.

Second install a cache something like W3 total cache this will keep most of your  pages on the RAM and the disk will not be used so often.

Third, optimize your sites/account performance to ensure they doesn’t hit your account resource limits anymore. On cpanel go to Optimize Website and compress all the content.

Last, on cpanel click on cloudflare, put all your sites on cloud, this will make your site load faster, it will save your I/O and even protect your sites from some hacking systems. Read about our partnership with cloudflare. If your package is Video Three or above, contact support to enable CloudFlare Railgun™ technology on your sites, Railgun achieves a 99.6% compression ratio for previously uncacheable web objects by using techniques similar to those used in the compression of high-quality video. The average website can expect a 1.43x performance increase. Read more about it at Railgun.

You can also upgrade to a higher package or to something more robust.

Unlimited vs Us Hosting Marketers

One of our customers a web designer emailed us recently with the below question:

“i have a client i try to convince to use your hosting, but he received a very tempting offer from another supplier – site 5
5$ a month with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

when i told him about your hosting he said he prefers unlimited hosting and that also could not check your servers using ping, tracert

since i really want this client to host with you
what is your answer to his Objections and how can we convince him to do the hosting with you 🙂 ”

My answer:

“I’m afraid we will never sell unlimited hosting, there is no such a thing really, hard disks max. size are 2 or 3 TB, at the moment you cant find bigger then that.

We expensive of course. but we offer the latest’s servers on the market, all our machines are Intel Xeon E5-2620, with 24 cores and  all have at least 64 giga of ram.
most hosting companies still using L5420 which was good 4 years ago.

Our ports are 1 giga bit per second and now we replacing with 10 giga. 99.99 % of hosting companies still using 100 mega bit per second.

Other companies when a customer emails them for help, they answer with another question…. if we do that we fired.

Our customers have the advantage that they can host video sites like youtube because ffmpeg is installed and available to all customers, and we also have red5 and wowza for live broadcasting, video conference and live video chat. Only 4 or 5 other web hosts offer this on shared hosting.

for a ping test:
Europe server:
the customer can try to download a 100 mega file to see the speed:

USA Server:
100mega file:

Good luck. “

Very special review from the owner of BullsEye Radio

This is not a ticket to advise of a problem, or ask a technical question or to complain.
This ticket is to commend you on a job well done.

I am a businessman in the entertainment business now for over 30 years and I like to think I am a fair person to deal with. I at least try to be.
I have a pet peeve about people paying their hard earned dollars and not getting good service from businesses, it really makes me very angry when hard working business people are taken advantage of.

I also believe that when someone in business provides a quality service , that they should be commended for providing a good service. It’s a matter of respect with me.

I used to have Video3 with you folks and it wasn’t good enough for the service I provided to my customers so I moved on to a different server. Well , needless to say there are really not alot of people on the web that provide a decent server service and I ended up leaving and decided to step it up a notch back here with you folks.

I asked your rep. Chris Black if Video4 would be a more reliable and stable video server for what I am using it for.

( I run an Oldies but goodies internet radio station and we use chat to host not only listeners but interviews with Celebrities such as Pat Boone, Bobby Vinton , Gary US Bonds , The 5th Dimension and many more )

Chris assured me that it would suffice my needs and we proceeded to install the system.
It went pretty smoothly after a few blurps through no fault of yours but the fault of the previous servers corrupting certain files.

I asked Chris after installation was completed to attempt to restore an old database , and he did so without so much as a word , he did it without question , and when it did not work at all , he restored it to it’s normal state for me once again and the system was once again working great.

So ,
Here we are 4 days later now , and I have not had one blurp in the system at all ! Not one problem !

The old servers I was on , we had issues every day and finally the server crashed or something and then my system was down for 5 days straight with no access at all ! That’s when I decided I was outta there.

But here ,
webcams have been working seamlessly, registrations have been going smoothly, login and out has been no issues , all the attached widgets are working perfectly. I understand that every once in awhile there is going to be an issue , I am not ignorant to that fact.
But when a provider can provide excellent service , they should be told so.
Everyone needs to know at some point that they are doing well for their customers. I strongly believe in the old addage , you reap what you sow.
So when I get good service , I make sure I let people know that they have done well. It should never be just about the bad stuff only. It should be about the bad AND the good as well !

Your installation was fast , precise , exactly as promised , your customer reps. were courteous and kind during the whole procedure , and the service I have had thus far is impeccable ! I hope that our business relationship stays on this path. I will be a customer for many years to come if it does !
Congratulations on a job well done , and a respectful staff that knows how to treat a customer.
I’m very happy I decided to come back to Hosting-Marketers and step up to the next level !!

My best to you
Keep up the great work

John Michaels
BullsEye Radio Broadcasting
When you want the best – Aim for the BullsEye !