Very special review from the owner of BullsEye Radio

This is not a ticket to advise of a problem, or ask a technical question or to complain.
This ticket is to commend you on a job well done.

I am a businessman in the entertainment business now for over 30 years and I like to think I am a fair person to deal with. I at least try to be.
I have a pet peeve about people paying their hard earned dollars and not getting good service from businesses, it really makes me very angry when hard working business people are taken advantage of.

I also believe that when someone in business provides a quality service , that they should be commended for providing a good service. It’s a matter of respect with me.

I used to have Video3 with you folks and it wasn’t good enough for the service I provided to my customers so I moved on to a different server. Well , needless to say there are really not alot of people on the web that provide a decent server service and I ended up leaving and decided to step it up a notch back here with you folks.

I asked your rep. Chris Black if Video4 would be a more reliable and stable video server for what I am using it for.

( I run an Oldies but goodies internet radio station and we use chat to host not only listeners but interviews with Celebrities such as Pat Boone, Bobby Vinton , Gary US Bonds , The 5th Dimension and many more )

Chris assured me that it would suffice my needs and we proceeded to install the system.
It went pretty smoothly after a few blurps through no fault of yours but the fault of the previous servers corrupting certain files.

I asked Chris after installation was completed to attempt to restore an old database , and he did so without so much as a word , he did it without question , and when it did not work at all , he restored it to it’s normal state for me once again and the system was once again working great.

So ,
Here we are 4 days later now , and I have not had one blurp in the system at all ! Not one problem !

The old servers I was on , we had issues every day and finally the server crashed or something and then my system was down for 5 days straight with no access at all ! That’s when I decided I was outta there.

But here ,
webcams have been working seamlessly, registrations have been going smoothly, login and out has been no issues , all the attached widgets are working perfectly. I understand that every once in awhile there is going to be an issue , I am not ignorant to that fact.
But when a provider can provide excellent service , they should be told so.
Everyone needs to know at some point that they are doing well for their customers. I strongly believe in the old addage , you reap what you sow.
So when I get good service , I make sure I let people know that they have done well. It should never be just about the bad stuff only. It should be about the bad AND the good as well !

Your installation was fast , precise , exactly as promised , your customer reps. were courteous and kind during the whole procedure , and the service I have had thus far is impeccable ! I hope that our business relationship stays on this path. I will be a customer for many years to come if it does !
Congratulations on a job well done , and a respectful staff that knows how to treat a customer.
I’m very happy I decided to come back to Hosting-Marketers and step up to the next level !!

My best to you
Keep up the great work

John Michaels
BullsEye Radio Broadcasting
When you want the best – Aim for the BullsEye !

Goldenrod Server again?! Maintenance Friday.

Friday 5th December maintenance for Goldenrod Server, this time for real.

First off all our apologies for the downtime we had this last 2 days it seemed that the server could not be stable for a full hour.

The cause of this apparently is that some of the system software needs to be reinstalled. The advice I’m getting from our technicians is that it is better to do it now at a time of our choice then to have a complete crash. Please be assured that all your sites have been backup to a different server, and we will continue to do daily backups, I guarantee, that we will never lose an account again. Please accept my word on that. I personally control the backups.

I’m thinking of doing the maintenance on Friday, the 5th December, starting late afternoon. I’m not sure exactly how many hours it will take, I know this is a great inconvenience, but we will try to make it as fast as possible.

If you have a site which needs to be on at all costs, please email me so I can arrange to transfer your site to another server.

I will keep you updated, and will try to find out exactly how many hours will be needed.

Please dont hesitate to contact me with your concerns.

Warm regards,
Chris Black
Customer support manager
Contact me here.

The solution to the Ostube problem that the main video block on the homepage is a just a black box on Firefox browser.

I want to post this email from one of our customers, it seems important because he solved the problem that sometimes with Firefox the ostube script just shows a black block instead of a video block on home page:

Chris I’ve fixed this issue!

The following is a little long winded, as I was taking notes as I was
testing things. At least it’s detailed. 🙂

Being as my “no startpage video” problem apparently isn’t to do with
the server, isn’t to do with templates and I can’t think of where else in the site to look, I
looked into what the cookies are doing. Note, this is ALL in the firefox browser, v3.0.
When I load the main page, , I get no video.

I opened the cookie data with tools/edit cookies in firefox. There are
5 entries. The first 4 are name things like __utmb, __utmc etc.. I didn’t find these interesting.
Mainly because I have no idea what they do, and they didn’t appear to change. What I did find
interesting was the cookie/s called PHPSESSID. The stuff below explains their behavior.

For the index page, on a fresh load which contains the video problem,
there is one PHPSESSID cookie, shown here:

CONTENT: a7776bb99e33bdceece8e0c2245cbba9
SEND FOR: Any type of connection
Expires: at end of session

browse to another page, such as a video page (

In addition to the cookie above, which appears unchanged, there is a new cookie:

CONTENT: c0c13326fe81f2e2d84eb44da4fc8ae2
SEND FOR: Any type of connection
Expires: at end of session

Almost the same as the first cookie, except for the “SITE” is (without the www.), as well as the “host” is (without the www.)
The “content” string is different as well.

Now, I navigate back to the main page, index.php
The video plays correctly. No new cookie entry’s are added or changed.

I delete the PHPSESSID cookie with “site”:

Reload the page.

The video plays correct. Check the cookie, the deleted cookie has
re-appeared. (The same but with a new “content” string)

Ok. I delete ALL the cookies and refresh the page.

The video plays correct. The PHPSESSID cookie with the “site” and
“host”: has re-appeared. The PHPSESSID cookie with the “site” and “host” has NOT re-appeared.

Now. I close the browser window. Open a new window at google. Clear
all the cookies for, load, no video.

Check the cookies, there is only one PHPSESSID cookie. It’s the
original one with the “site” of and “host” of (The key here is
the addition of the “www”)

Ok, so now I go to other OsTube installations that work to see what
their cookies are up to.

Here’s one which is on the same server:

The video works. (it works everywhere but my site)

There is only one PHPSESSID cookie for the main page. The “site” name
and “host” read as “” No www. (Though, the site URL itself did not contain a
“www” prefix, the URL was

So I add a www to the url making it
Load the page and NO VIDEO!
Check the cookies and there is a new PHPSESSID, this time with “site”
and “host” reading as

Same behavior as my site.

Ok, so I go back over to my site and take out the www, loading
It works and video loads on the front page.

So I don’t fully understand the meaning of the WWW url prefix, why
it’s used or not used etc.. But I clearly see a connection between it, PHPSESSID cookies and the video loading in firefox.

On a whim, I decided to check the Admin settings for OSTube. I log in
to the admin panel, go to

Configuration and sure enough “URL of your site:”
I add a www to make it

Clear the cookies, open a new browser, FIXED! The video loads.
What an insane way to figure this out. The problem was, the
irregularity of the issue across different pages and browsers made it very hard to troubleshoot.
At least from my perspective.

So, that’s it. Double check the “Url of your site” line in the ADMIN.
I didn’t think to check that, as you guys set that up…right? Anyway,
water under the bridge.
Thanks for all your help and now we both know.


Tobias Carrier is the proud owner of