Red5 security or hiding the rtmp or RTMP password protection

The below post was published a number of years ago when we were still streaming with Red5, now we use the Wowza Streaming engine, or as we call it the RTMP server. The security is different, the rtmp is password protected so one streamer has only one stream key and a password for that stream key.

rtmp server for streaming

For each customer we supply on request a rtmp, this rtmp is customized with a random number so that you are the only one who is going to use it, but if you leave your player code visible on the source code of the web page, people can steal your rtmp and use it, stealing your resources and bandwidth. Below there are instructions on how to hide and secure your rtmp.

1- Lets create your player first, using the rtmp given to you, go to

2- Download or you can download it here.

3- Unzip it and run the index.html file from your desktop.

4- Fill the swfobject path as:

On the swf file use the adobe strobe, which is a very good player:

Adjust your player dimensions. Now enter your rtmp and if it is for live broadcast add the stream name to the rtmp.

5- Select dynamic method of embedding and press generate.

6- Copy the code?within the set of script tags, where you see the embed function flashvars and then go to

see below our video tutorial:

or click here for a larger more visible player.