What is teamspeak? Well, Teamspeak is a program that allows people to speak with each other.

How does it works? Simple, a server host run a teamspeak server, and the user on its computer has the teamspeak client. This client connect to the server, and can create channels to speak with the people. The client only can connect via a teamspeak server, not directly to another user.

When can I use that? Every moment, if you playing a game, working, or you want to speak with a friend.

Ok, I have a server (with a web of World of Warcraft, and many players would like play and speak at the same time), and I’m interesting to install the teamspeak server. How will I go about?

1 – Download the teamspeak server
NOTE : Download the server and the updated binary

2 – Create (via shell) a path to your teamspeak,
like /home/teamspeak

3 – Unzip the ts2_server_xxx.tar.bz2 in the /home/teamspeak (with the command : tar -xjf ts2_server_xxx.tar.bz2 )

4 – Shell:
cd tss2_rc2
./teamspeak-server_startscript start

And the screen show that the teamspeak server is now on.

5- Now, you teamspeak server is working. It is necessary to open default ports in your host : 14534, 51234 and 8767

6 – in the shell:
./teamspeak-server_startscript stop
Stop the teamspeak, open the file server.log, and find the admin and superadmin passwords. Start again the teamspeak
./teamspeak-server_startscript start

7 – Paste on your web browser : www.yourdomain.com:14534 and login as superadmin, (click on the link at the bottom of the page)

8- Configure de superadmin settings and then login as admin to configure some more settings: name server, max clients, private clan…

9 – Install your teamspeak client: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads&archive=1 (if your computer is running on windows use the windows option.)

10 – Execute the teamspeak client and quick connect to your site (yourdomain.com:8767)
NOTE: If you have problems to connect with yourdomain.com:8767, prove with the IP of your server XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:8767

11 – Now, you can speak with other people in the same channel.

12 – Review all configurations : micro, sounds, channel, pass. , create new channels, add registered users,…

– Works fine !!!. And now, can I show the teamspeak server information? You can download the ‘teamspeak viewer’:
Edit the TSV_Config.php with the details of your server, and to view the status of your teamspeak server use the TS_Viewer.php (like this: http://www.quintelosky.com/ts/TS_Viewer.php )

This article was written by the webmaster of http://www.quintelosky.com/