Joomla files can’t be deleted or I can’t change Permissions

You created a joomla site, then wanted to change the template or add a new Mod and the new folder you just uploaded seems to have a life of it’s own, you cant edit a file in it, or change a file permission and you cant even delete the ugly folder!

This is a regular problem with joomla, we had customers who when asking for a refund tell us that our servers are useless because they don’t work with joomla… Now the solution is simple, open the
configuration.php and edit the part about ftp:

var $ftp_enable = ‘1’;
var $ftp_host = ‘main account domain’;
var $ftp_port = ’21’;
var $ftp_user = ‘cpanel username’;
var $ftp_pass = ‘cpanel password’;
var $ftp_root = ‘/’;

This at least will solve future problems not sure for files you already
uploaded, check if there is a problem email us and we will fix the problem folder.

Our Servers at are down.

All times are GMT -4.

10.40 am White and Green server go down.

10.46 am. Not all, Blue, Purple and Template are still working, not sure if I have to change this line soon.

10.50 am The datacenter says it is something to do with the network and they are working like crazy to fix it ASAP.

10.51 am Green server is back!!!!!!!!

10.52 White is also back, this time it wasnt difficult. All the others will be following.

Thank you all for reading my post.

Signing up,