Goldenrod Server With a Major System Failure

Last night while we were trying to fix system quotas (so it shows the correct disk spaced used for each account) the Goldenrod server apparently due to a high server load damaged some system files, this is very unusual and it never happened before, unfortunately at the moment this is what we think happened.

We are still trying to save the system, and replace only the broken files but if matters come to worse and we find that this cannot be done, we will have to reinstall the system.

Please be assured that your site is well protected as we have 2 different backups for each site.

At this moment we cannot yet estimate when the issue will be fixed, but we are working as fast as we can to solve this problem.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.


Customer Support

Update 8.18 am (PDT)

Our Datacenter is doing a full error scan on the hard disk it is going slowly but we hope that it will not be necessary to reinstall the system.


Update 10.09 am (PDT)

The sites should start to come back online, they will be a bit slow but in the next hour the situation will normalize.
Thank you for your patience.