2checkout Hosting Marketers offer

About a year ago requested by our customers we implemented a new payment gateway for credit cards all of types and debit cards, using 2checkout solution.

And we are very happy about it, it increased our sales nearly 20%, although of course paypal is our customers main gateway, the 2checkout has allowed many new customers to register with us, mainly from countries with restrictions on paypal but even western customers who simply prefer to use their credit cards.

For this reason and following our policy that what is good for us is good for our customers and vice versa, we have partnered with 2Checkout to be able to bring a great offer to Hosting Marketers Customers. As a Hosting Marketer, you can get FREE account setup instead of the usual $49 USD signup fee.

Please continue reading and find out the coupon in the customer area:

http://hosting-marketers.com/customers/knowledgebase/10077/2checkout-offer.html (login necessary)

Adjusting settings on FMLE for live streaming with Wowza

I started on the bitrate I used 400Kbps, and on the fps I started with 30, but it lags and really is blurry. On the format I have to use H.264, because with VP6 doesn’t work on VLC and mobile devices. The audio should be AAC or MP3. If it is MP3, make it Stereo, 44100Hz, 128kbs for best results. AAC audio is preferable.

But the fps at 30 didn’t work, I increased the to 50 and voila it started to work nicely, no buffering nice quality, increasing to 60 even better.

I think lower then 50 fps doesn’t work well and it doesn’t work with the VLC also.

You can try yourself at our Wowza control panel.
username: demo
password: demo

To broadcast use the desktop encoder FMLE, can be downloaded here.

The RTMP on the demo account is password protected, please use:
username: demo
password: demo


A word about fps, the higher the better but at the cost of bandwidth. Each frame has a size, so frame size X fps = total bytes/s approx. Then you have to consider number of keyframes, the more the better motion capture details but even higher bandwidth needed.

For h.264 for example each level of encoding limits the fps and frame size that you can use for best results. Our eyes practically cannot see the difference between 15 and 18 fps, then 18 and 20, so for web 15 fps will seem very good at the same time saving bandwidth.

For webchats for example like skype etc 12 to 15 is best. For broadcasting a football match over the web 24 – 30 will be ideal if you broadcasting for flash players only, but for devices, android and apple iphones, it is better to use 50 to 60 fps.

Take a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H.264/MPEG-4_AVC#Levels

How to create a page for your live broadcasts?

Many customers have asked how to create a web page for the player with the live broadcast, or what to put on it. We done a demo page with what we think is necessary, first the player in a good position, perhaps in the center, with an image related to your broadcasts. Then perhaps a box for live text chat, not live video chat, because it would interfere with the broadcasts, but it is important to let your viewers chat and give a feedback.

Then we need some information, how many people are viewing and past statics, we used a script from Infosniper.net, it is a commercial product but costs us $8 for a 10K queries. Not much.

To make the page more attractive we put a globe from revolvermaps, which is free, then I suggest perhaps you can put some ads on the site? we added banner from Hosting Marketers!

Please visit the demo page at:


We strive to offer more than expected!

Hosting Marketers is now offering to its customers Wowza Media Server.

Wowza can do all what red5 does and much more. Wowza is used by Justin TV, Livestream dot com and all the major Broadcasting web sites.

Deliver live video and audio streams to flash players, iPhones, ipads and android mobile devices, over a range of protocols supported by Wowza software simultaneously, from a single set of source live streams.

Wowza is Ideal solution for Sports Transmissions, Church live broadcasts, newscasting and other live events, for simultaneous, problem free broadcasting.

Wowza can handle any situation , our Video Streaming services are the optimal solution for the average light users to the bigger Online TV stations.

Keeping Hosting Marketers long tradition our prices are the lowest on the market, with more bandwidth and more features than our competitors.
We strive to offer more than expected!

Please visit Wowza Hosting for more information.