Gyaro Video Chat

Recently a new script for video chat come out, Gyaro, it looks a bit like Gchats, but the big advantage is that the red5 app doesn’t connect to the script database, this renders it more stable. We tested also the new script Gyaro with wowza and it works great, this means better quality then Red5 can provide and theoretically there are no limits to the number of online simultaneous users, one single server and you can have 2000 online users!

Gyaro vs Visichat/Gchats vs Avchat vs Videowhisper

At Hosting Marketers we have lots of experience with video chat sites, we working on them since 2005, actually we were the first hosting company offering Red5 on shared hosting plans. Many times our customers have asked for advice on buying a video chat software, normally we would advice for the gchats, because although the look of avchat is more trendy and much easier on the red5 we never seen an avchat script with over 100 users simultaneously online, I don’t say they don’t exist, I’m sure they do, but I never seen it on our servers, red5 crashes before that, not sure why, perhaps it uses too much RAM? Not sure but for a busy site avchat is not the solution, the same can be said about videowhisper script, nice, very trendy, but simply not reliable for high traffic sites.
That is why we had to recommended gchats script, not easy to work with, every time we change the red5 server, we have to ask permission from gchats, I think nowadays they even charge $20 for a change of IP if done more then 5 times a year.
Then the Gchats needs special settings on the red5 and on the MYSQL because the visichat application connects to the MYSQL. All this said gchats in my opinion will not work well when more then 200-250 users online. It is better then videowhisper and avchat, but falls short comparing it to the new Gyaro script. Gyaro seems to me at this stage more secure against hackers, more stable, and if using a wowza RTMP can easily reach 600-700 users without any special server or degrade on the chat quality.

For these reasons Hosting Marketers is happy to recommend Gyaro to its customers!

Gyaro Demo Chat Login as guest or take your time to see how the registration works.

The developers of this script are offering Hosting Marketers customers a $49 discount,

If you have any question or you would like to offer feedback about this script you are invited to post a comment or contact us

SD Web Camera vs HD Web Camera Online video applications

In todays fast growing video/audio usage in applications like, Live Streaming, Video
Recording, Chats and Video Conferencing, there are many key stakeholders that impact
your overall experience with the technology.
Some of the key factors influencing your overall experience are:
1. Bandwidth
2. Streaming Server Red5/Wowza/FMS (arguable)
3. Software used for broadcasting video/audio stream
a. Code Quality
b. Codec used
c. Settings like resolution, fps, keyframe etc etc
4. Computer used for broadcasting
5. Camera/Microphone used for broadcasting stream
For sake of our scope we are only interested in discussing the importance of a high
quality camera for your broadcasting uses. There are many web cams available in the
market, promising a decent resolution of 2 Megapixel and much more. (8 Mp, 10 Mp etc)
Example: IBall Face2Face C8.0 (My old camera)

Then there are new ranges of HD cameras coming up which promise a decent 720P or
more for video capturing/streaming.
Example: Logitech HD Webcam C510
So what we will see now is how a HD camera edges over a standard (good enough) 2 Mp camera! Firstly I have seen many people saying HD = 1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1080, and that’s it!
This is fairly incorrect from what I observe. HD cameras are bundled with drivers that enable them to capture greater details applying H264 codec compared to standard web cameras. Remember that all video encoding technologies use compression techniques to pack frames efficiently. Then the broadcasting codec decides the encoding technique/algorithm to use, which causes further loss of data.
Thus it is important that your source of capture ie: Camera device should be able to capture as much details as possible.
Below are 2 sample images from each of the two cams, showing the true difference between SD and HD capture.


1600 x 1200 using IBallC8.0face 2 face
1280 x 720 using Logitech HD C510


A you tube video to help you understand better:

In truth most of the webcams out there boasting 2 / 5 / 8 mega pixels are little more than vga cameras enhancing resolution by software processing. If you hardware is truly capable of capturing HD details, then its worth paying for. The new H264 codec support in flash is like a high prospectus pipeline. So while your standard VGA cam is good for transferring a few glasses of water down the pipeline, its not fully utilizing the pipelines potential. So get yourself a good HD cam and see the difference yourself.

By Rajdeep Rath, Java developer and CEO of