New Wowza Media Server released

Wowza released their new version of Wowza Media Server newly called Wowza Streaming Engine. This is version 4 of Wowza’s flagship product and has a number of important updates and for the first time a browser-based management portal, called Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, which enables users to configure, monitor and measure streams and system resources in real time from any computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Another improvement is that you don’t need to manually tune the wowza on production servers, tunning is done from the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, in a simple and intuitive manner.

The way to start and restart wowza also as changed, the command “service WowzaMediaServer start” replaced with “service WowzaStreamingEngine start” and the Manager as to be started also with the command “service WowzaStreamingEngineManager start”. The location of Wowza is changed from /usr/local/WowzaMediaServer to /usr/local/WowzaStreamingEngine.

More important app’s used on wowza media 3 will not work well on the new wowza version 4, this could be a setback on upgrading, for the moment Hosting Marketers will wait a while before we upgrade our servers.

The press release is here, the quickstart guide is here and you can grab the software itself from here.