How to create a page for your live broadcasts?

Many customers have asked how to create a web page for the player with the live broadcast, or what to put on it. We done a demo page with what we think is necessary, first the player in a good position, perhaps in the center, with an image related to your broadcasts. Then perhaps a box for live text chat, not live video chat, because it would interfere with the broadcasts, but it is important to let your viewers chat and give a feedback.

Then we need some information, how many people are viewing and past statics, we used a script from, it is a commercial product but costs us $8 for a 10K queries. Not much.

To make the page more attractive we put a globe from revolvermaps, which is free, then I suggest perhaps you can put some ads on the site? we added banner from Hosting Marketers!

Please visit the demo page at: