how to fix “Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing”

this normally happens with filezilla. we had a post from 2010 about this here.

so this is an update, first check if you using the correct login info, then if still not working do:

  1. Open Filezilla and open the settings (under the Edit menu)
  2. Under “Connection” select “FTP”
  3. The section at the top is called Transfer Mode. Within that, choose “Passive Mode”
  4. Click OK. You should now be able to connect.

what is the use of red5?

Well there are 2 red5’s, the open source red5 which is the one we use on our servers and red5pro, which is very expensive but still does not do what Wowza Streaming Engine does.

Red5 the open source can be used for ondemand streaming which is video streaming, you upload videos (in flv or mp4 format) to a red5 server and you stream the videos using red5, it is a better experience then using just a normal server, it starts faster because you don’t have to download the all file to the viewer computer and it is difficult for users to steal the video. But and this always applies, you can stream only to flash players, and most platforms are leaving flash, specially mobiles, so what I am saying is that red5 does not work well with smartphones, be Apple or Android devices.

You can also use red5 to stream live events, or video chats software’s.

How to run Python scripts

How to run Python scripts

If you wish to run Python scripts in your hosting account, you can create and edit them in two ways: either in cPanel or via SSH.

To create and edit Python script in cPanel use the following steps: 

1. Log in to your cPanel:
2. Go to section Files > File Manager:

3. You can choose whether you want to run the script in the cgi-bin folder or outside of it.

The cgi-bin folder contains executable CGI scripts. If the file should be placed out of the cgi-bin folder, .htaccess should be created additionally.

4. In order to run the Python script in the cgi-bin folder follow the steps:

  • Go to the cgi-bin folder
  • Create a file with a .py extension, for example in the /home/cPuser/public_html/cgi-bin directory (where cPuser is your actual cPanel username).

5. In order to create the file, click New File > specify the name of the file with the required extension and click Create New File:

6. Change the permission of the file to 0755

NOTE: Files are created with default permissions 0644. The .py file will become executable when the permissions are changed to 0755.

7. In order to change the permissions of the file you need to select the file > click Change Permissions > Mark Execute for User, Group, World columns and click Change Permissions:

8. Open the file, click Edit and add the code.

We will add the following script for testing purposes:


print “Content-type: text/html\n\n”
print “How to run Python scripts in cPanel”

NOTE: The file should start with the path to the Python scripts that is /usr/bin/python on our servers, but you can run the whereis pythoncommand via SSH to check the directory.

Now the script should work using

If you would like to run the Python file not in the cgi-bin folder (in public_html or any other directory), it is necessary to add the following code to the .htaccess file in the same directory where the Python script is placed:

Options +ExecCGI
AddHandler cgi-script .py 

How to use FMLE – Flash Media Live Encoder

You can download FMLE here.  Or if you using a MAC computer you can download it directly from Adobe site here.

Install it on your computer.  when you run it, it looks like this:

click on the images to see the all picture.

on the left you select your camera and you enter your settings, important thing is your Bitrate, if you order wowza from us you should use the bitrate allocated to your account, on the wowza control panel on service overview click configure and then limits, you will see the Maximum Bitrate for your account, you should be slightly less, if it says 480kbps try to setup the FMLE that both video and audio are below 450kbps. If you using red5 then I suggest you use something around 450kbps, anything above this number and your stream will have issues.

On the right side of the FMLE you configure the RTMP.  Login to your wowza control panel find the FMS URL and stream name, enter it on the FMLE and then click “Connect”

after you click connect a little window pops up and you need to enter the username and password, username is usually the stream name, this information you can find on the wowza control panel.

Red5 will not have this option of securing the RTMP.

Going back to stream settings on the left, under the “Device” where you select your camera, you the Format, for wowza use always H.264, this allows to stream to desktops and mobile devices, if you using red5 you can use the VP6 option, red5 doesn’t stream to mobile devices. And then you have frame rate, start by using 20 and increase until you have a good result on both desktops and mobiles, some mobile devices will show a better stream if the frame rate is high.

Now that both the FMLE settings and the RTMP is setup clic “start” at the bottom, your broadcast will start.



Using Wowza Streaming Engine and our wowza control panel to Live Camera Restream

The option Live Camera Restream, on our wowza control panel is used for IP cameras, the output of IP camera is normally RTSP or RTP ( example: rtsp://[camera-ip-address]:554/axis-media/media.amp ).

This format RTP or RTSP is useless for players, by using our wowza server and the Live Camera Re-Stream we convert this signal for playback on all supported player technologies. Some cameras are not supported, please open a ticket and email us the rtsp or rtp for us to check if it works on our wowza servers.

After you order you receive an email with the wowza control panel URL, username (the email) and the password. Login to the wowza control panel and click on to enter the service overview.

click on the image to see the full picture:

the service overview of IP Camera Re-Stream is shown on the image below:

On the right menu, there are some links, Configure, restart, stop, and reporting.

Reporting will give you information on the videos seen, traffic, connections and so on. On the top menu there are some links which provide information on how many viewers you have online which countries and bandwidth used.

Click on “Configure” and then Plugin. On “Shoutcast / Icecast / IPCAM URL” replace http://localhost:8000 with your IP Camera URL, it should be a rtsp or rtp, (ex: rtsp://[camera-ip-address]:554/axis-media/media.amp )

You have to restart the service, at the bottom click “Update Configuration”

After restart the system will take you back to the service overview. Now click “Media Player” on the top menu grab the player code and paste it on your site.

For further instructions on how to use our wowza control panel check the links below:

1- Live streaming

2- TV Station

3- Ondemand Streaming

4- IP Camera Re-Streaming

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