TV Station setup on our wowza control panel

After you order TV Station you will receive an email with the link to the wowza control panel and login information, login to the control panel click on the overview icon  and you enter your service overview:

click on the image to see the full picture.

There are a number of links on the right menu, configure, restart, stop, reporting, TV Station, File manager and player links.

I suggest you don’t make any changes on the configuration, the important buttons are “File Manager” were you upload your video files, and “TV Station” were you create a playlist and schedule when to start it date and time and when to stop it. You should create 2 or 3 playlists.

Reporting will give you information on the videos seen, traffic, connections and so on. On the top menu there are some links which provide information on how many viewers you have online which countries and bandwidth used.

Click on File Manager to upload or drag your videos to the server. Videos must be in flv or mp4 format. You can use a ftp software to upload the videos, but the but click on the video and drag it to the server is probably easier.

Now go back to Service Overview and click “TV Station”

on the TV station page you create a playlist, and schedule the date and time to start and date and time to stop. Add the videos and save the playlist, after that you need to restart the service so changes take effect.

When adding the videos you will see on the left the videos uploaded “Available Media” and you need to move the ones you want to the right “Build Your Playlist” some videos may have a exclamation mark, that means the bitrate on the video is higher then the allowed on your package, you better delete this videos from the server and convert them again with the correct bitrate.

after you moved the videos you want to your playlist, save it then restart the server, now at schedule time your videos will start streaming, we suggest that you create at least 3 or 4 playlists.

Go back to the service and click Media Player so you can grab the jwplayer code to paste it on your site.

But the TV Station is not only schedule playlists, you can interrupt and make a live broadcast, on service overview at the bottom there is the RTMP for the FMLE or wirecast, whatever encoder you use, the stream name, username and the password. For instructions on how live streaming is done see this post.

For further instructions on how to use our wowza control panel check the links below:

1- Live streaming

2- TV Station

3- Ondemand Streaming

4- IP Camera Re-Streaming

Live Stream with our wowza control panel and FMLE

After you login to your wowza control panel and click on and you enter the new page with the rtmp info.

to see the image full size click on it.

live streaming wowza control panel

You can see the FMS URL which is the rtmp and stream name and password, you have to enter this on your FMLE:

then click connect and a little windows comes up, for username enter the stream name and the respective password which you copied from the wowza control panel.

select your camera and enter your bitrate, if your account is 560kbps be sure that on the fmle you slightly below it, for video and audio. Now click  Start:

Go back to the wowza control panel, click Media Player to get your jwplayer and paste it on your site, you ready to go.

For further instructions on how to use our wowza control panel check the links below:

1- Live streaming

2- TV Station

3- Ondemand Streaming

4- IP Camera Re-Streaming

Overview of the wowza control panel

For further instructions on how to use our wowza control panel check the links below:

1- Live streaming

2- TV Station

3- Ondemand Streaming

4- IP Camera Re-Streaming

Overview of the wowza control panel

1- After you login you will see a page like the image below (click on the images to see the full image).

wowza control panel
click on the image to see it full size

2- click on the to go to the service:

3- below image shows overview of the service, in this case a live streaming server:

4- click on all the links but on the configuration page I suggest you don’t make any changes, sometimes changing configuration even password can corrupt the service.

configuration of the wowza service

5- The important thing is perhaps the code for the jw premium player, if so click on Media Player and grab the code to paste it on your site.

Options while ordering wowza server

While ordering Wowza Streaming Engine on our billing system there are 4 options:

1- Live streaming, which as it says it is for live streaming or live broadcasts, perfect for broadcasting live events, sports, church events, weddings.

order wowza hosting

2- TV Station,  perfect for TV stations having the option to upload videos and create schedules and playlists schedule at a predetermined time.  At any time this schedule can be interrupted for live broadcasts.

3- Ondemand Streaming, with the option to upload videos and create playlists.

4- Live Camera Restream, used for IP cameras, the output of IP camera is normally RTSP or RTP ( example: rtsp://[camera-ip-address]:554/axis-media/media.amp ).

This format RTP or RTSP is useless for players, by using our wowza server and the Live Camera Re-Stream we convert this signal for playback on all supported player technologies. Some cameras are not supported, please open a ticket and email us the rtsp or rtp for us to check if it works on our wowza servers.


testing a red5 live streaming rtmp, plus creating a player for the rtmp

We created an app for live streaming here.

Now we going to test it and create a player code so we can start streaming to our site.

Do you have fmle installed on your computer? You need to download it from adobe.

Lets test it first, go to

enter the rtmp of your app. the rtmp is

rtmp://server IP/app



Enter this URL on the long string and click connect, now click “Publish” your camera will start,  and now click “Play” if the 2 players show the same thing you are on. Everything is good.

OK, now we have to work on “stream name”. We talked about rtmp, and we tested it, the testing site if you go back to it

it has a stream name, “testing” this must be on both the publishing and on the player.

so it must be on the FMLE and on the player code.


(click on the image to have a better view)

the FMLE on the left you have your settings, frame per second, bitrate, your camera, format.

on the red5 server your bitrate should be about 320kbps higher then that you need a lot of RAM and server resources.

lets configure the fmle as the image shows.

on the right on the FMS URL enter the rtmp and on the stream enter your chosen stream name, in this case I entered “live” see image.

click connect, and then below click “Start”

you now streaming to your server.


Now creating a player for this stream. Go to

at the bottom on the “Streamer” enter the rtmp:


and on “Stream / File Name” enter the stream name, which we used on the FMLE, “live”

Click  “Generate Code!”

Take the “Preview & Embed” code, paste on your site and that’s it.

You can also use an image on the player, it will show before the user click to play,  enter the image URL on “Overlay Poster”

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