Web hosting related sites can be web hosting providers, web hosting news and web hosting directories. Web hosting providers are normally divided in Widows hosting and UNIX hosting. Most use Paypal as the default payment gateway. Paypal Hosting is quite common.

If you need to find a good web hosting try a web hosting directory and why not check if you find any sites with hosting news about the host provider. Don’t make the mistake of going to the cheapest hosting on the net, you will find thousands of hosting providers selling unlimited space and bandwidth for a few dollars, paid yearly, don’t even try, there is no such a thing as unlimited, does your hard disk have unlimited space? It doesn’t! So how come they are selling it? Because they are dishonest, in a short time you will find your site down, offline, and when you try to find the host provider site, you will realize they disappeared also!

So check on web hosting directories for reviews and try to find news about the web host provider you looking at, before you spend your money.

Good luck.