FFmpeg hosting is meant to support the web sites that display their contents in the form of video files. FFmpeg hosting is required to transfer the video files created with the help of scripting languages such as Phpmotion, You tube etc to .flv format to display the videos in the online sites. In other words, FFmpeg hosting lets you to create your own website to display the video files in your site, by successfully transforming and encoding the audio and video files into useful formats. With the ability for recording, converting and streaming audio and video files, FFmpeg hosting became an unavoidable hosting strategy in the web hosting arena.

Major point of concern in the internet market place is the utilization of bandwidth by these video sharing websites. When all these web sites need FFmpeg hosting or the FFmpeg software with all the library functions to for recording, converting and encoding these video files into .flv format, the bandwidth utilized for accomplishing the same will be on the higher side of the spectrum. As per the statistical analysis pf 2007, almost 4000 FFmpeg hosting plans have been utilized or FFmpeg software has been downloaded for the display of video sites. The demand curve of FFmpeg hosting will only have a steep slope in the future since the utilization will only be extensive.

This situation of extensive usage of FFmpeg hosting for the display of video files, will eventually result in the maximum usage of internet bandwidth. Since video files will demand more bandwidth to get operated, the situation will only go compounding. Hence expert opinions suggest that the potential risk of internet breakage due to the extensive exploitation of bandwidth can never be ruled out of the picture. Some alternatives have to come up for this heavy bandwidth utilization of video sites with the assistance of FFmpeg hosting.