Friday 5th December maintenance for Goldenrod Server, this time for real.

First off all our apologies for the downtime we had this last 2 days it seemed that the server could not be stable for a full hour.

The cause of this apparently is that some of the system software needs to be reinstalled. The advice I’m getting from our technicians is that it is better to do it now at a time of our choice then to have a complete crash. Please be assured that all your sites have been backup to a different server, and we will continue to do daily backups, I guarantee, that we will never lose an account again. Please accept my word on that. I personally control the backups.

I’m thinking of doing the maintenance on Friday, the 5th December, starting late afternoon. I’m not sure exactly how many hours it will take, I know this is a great inconvenience, but we will try to make it as fast as possible.

If you have a site which needs to be on at all costs, please email me so I can arrange to transfer your site to another server.

I will keep you updated, and will try to find out exactly how many hours will be needed.

Please dont hesitate to contact me with your concerns.

Warm regards,
Chris Black
Customer support manager
Contact me here.