Important commands for the red5:

Login to ssh and enter the following commands.

#cd /usr/local/red (takes you to the red5 folder)

to stop red5:
#service red5 stop

the command to start red5:
#./ &

When you see this line:
2009-09-27 23:26:32,365 [main] INFO org.red5.server.Standalone – Startup done i
n: 5464 ms (it will be easy because the lines will stop running at this point)

Wait 15 seconds
Then you must log off from the terminal screen
Press ctrl+A+D (if you don’t log off, after a while red5 will go down again)

Every time you put some folder on /red5-server folder/webapps/ you will need to restart the red5.

Red5 Hosting