Setup problem on the new Red5 1.0 RC1 – The admin interface.

On the new version of red5 which came out some weeks ago the admin is not there, it is going to be a plugin this time. to install it, please follow the instructions below:

First of all, you will need to download two files as provided the links below

Extract the zip file into the Red5’s plugin folder. And put admin.jsp
inside red5/webapps/root folder.  Restart your Red5 system.
Go to your Red5’s http access to view admin.jsp ( which should be
http://localhost:5080/admin.jsp by default)

If you do see any such errors, then you will need to add/delete some

Issue: Exception java.lang.ClassCastException:
org.slf4j.helpers.BasicMDCAdapter cannot be cast to

Solution: Delete the following jar files below.

Issue: Unable to view jsp via http access

Solution: Add these following jar files to plugin folder.
jasper-6.0.18.jar (or newer)
jasper-jdt-6.0.18.jar (or newer)
jasper-el-6.0.18.jar (or newer)

Issue: Unable to create usename and/or password or invalid database.

Solution: Delete the admin folder completely from the root folder of
your disk drive.

Successfully create username and password?  Next step.

Go to http://localhost:5080/demos/adminPanel.html to view your admin panel (exactly
similar to the previous admin panel look alike).