Hosting Marketers tries always to bring the latest and the best of web developments and at the best price. This time we proudly announce that we have introduced Wowza Transcoder and Wowza nDVR special Addons.

1- Wowza Transcoder

Transcoding is the process by which the digital file for a live video stream is ingested, decoded, and transformed into multiple file formats and bitrates to create different versions of the video for optimal viewing on various device types and at various bandwidths.

The transcoding feature of Wowza Streaming Engine is now available to our customers, what it does is transforms incoming live streams from encoders, IP cameras, IPTV headends, and other live sources to keyframe-aligned H.264 streams for adaptive bitrate delivery to any device, anywhere. This means the viewer will see the stream at the best possible bitrate possible to his internet connection, the better the internet connection the better the video quality, for viewers with low internet connection the video will be automatically adjusted to the best bitrate possible.

2- Wowza nDVR

Wowza nDVR, also available to our customers, allows live streaming to be recorded and the viewer to play or pause the live stream, rewind to a previously recorded point, or resume viewing at the current live point.

We also now allow our customers to record live streams directly to the wowza server with the option to start a new file every time the customer broadcasts, deleting previous file or append to the existing file.

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