After you login to your wowza control panel and click on and you enter the new page with the rtmp info.

to see the image full size click on it.

live streaming wowza control panel

You can see the FMS URL which is the rtmp and stream name and password, you have to enter this on your FMLE:

then click connect and a little windows comes up, for username enter the stream name and the respective password which you copied from the wowza control panel.

select your camera and enter your bitrate, if your account is 560kbps be sure that on the fmle you slightly below it, for video and audio. Now click  Start:

Go back to the wowza control panel, click Media Player to get your jwplayer and paste it on your site, you ready to go.

For further instructions on how to use our wowza control panel check the links below:

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