The option Live Camera Restream, on our wowza control panel is used for IP cameras, the output of IP camera is normally RTSP or RTP ( example: rtsp://[camera-ip-address]:554/axis-media/media.amp ).

This format RTP or RTSP is useless for players, by using our wowza server and the Live Camera Re-Stream we convert this signal for playback on all supported player technologies. Some cameras are not supported, please open a ticket and email us the rtsp or rtp for us to check if it works on our wowza servers.

After you order you receive an email with the wowza control panel URL, username (the email) and the password. Login to the wowza control panel and click on to enter the service overview.

click on the image to see the full picture:

the service overview of IP Camera Re-Stream is shown on the image below:

On the right menu, there are some links, Configure, restart, stop, and reporting.

Reporting will give you information on the videos seen, traffic, connections and so on. On the top menu there are some links which provide information on how many viewers you have online which countries and bandwidth used.

Click on “Configure” and then Plugin. On “Shoutcast / Icecast / IPCAM URL” replace http://localhost:8000 with your IP Camera URL, it should be a rtsp or rtp, (ex: rtsp://[camera-ip-address]:554/axis-media/media.amp )

You have to restart the service, at the bottom click “Update Configuration”

After restart the system will take you back to the service overview. Now click “Media Player” on the top menu grab the player code and paste it on your site.

For further instructions on how to use our wowza control panel check the links below:

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