We provide genuinely inexpensive RTMP streaming services for audio and video. With our reasonably priced RTMP server hosting package, you can start streaming video immediately.

Sharing videos can be difficult, especially if you want to keep their quality. This issue has a solution provided by our RTMP server. Professional video hosting services include video production-related functions, such as editing, monetization, video analytics, video SEO, and other tools. Our live video hosting services enable real-time broadcasting to take this further.

Our RTMP server is designed to satisfy your budget, regardless of whether it is fixed or customized. It would help if you didn’t always choose us based solely on price.

Several live streaming plans are available on the RTMP server hosting, including the RTMP 35, RTMP 50, RTMP 100, and RTMP 300 plans. We also provide a free demo plan that is valid for five days. Our servers can operate at high speeds and have been configured for live-streaming services. We can also set up and install a fully integrated RTMP server for live broadcasting.

Here is a quick summary of all our RTMP plans:

· Free trial plan: free, five days and five viewer permitted, Max Bit Rate 3072 kbps, and 500 Mega of web space

· RTMP 35 plan: $15/month, Up to 35 simultaneous viewers, Max Bit Rate 720 kbps, 2 TB Traffic, 2 Giga of web space for videos

· RTMP 50 Plan: $25/month, Up to 50 simultaneous viewers, Embeddable HTML5 players, Max Bit Rate 720 kbps, 5 TB Traffic5 Giga of web space for videos

· RTMP 100 plan: $50/month, Up to 100 simultaneous viewers, Max Bit Rate 720 kbps, 10 Gbps Port, Unlimited Traffic, 10 Giga of video web space.


· RTMP 300 plan: $100/month, Up to 300 simultaneous viewers, Max Bit Rate 1024 kbps, 10 Gbps Port, Unlimited Traffic, 50 Giga of web space for videos

 All our plans are ad-free players, free mobile apps for streaming, and Stream to all endpoints, iPhone, IPad, and Android.



You can easily acquire hosting for RTMP servers using a reputable online video platform, such as RTMP server. In particular, you should search for a reputable streaming platform with RTMP ingest compatibility and an RTMP server. With the help of our user-friendly RTMP server hosting services, stream videos without interruption.

This strategy is advantageous because it requires little technical expertise or assistance from a seasoned developer. It only takes a few clicks to connect your RTMP-compatible sources because the hosting of the RTMP server is handled behind the scenes.

You don’t need to spend money and other resources hiring a developer or getting the necessary support software because the online video host platform developers automatically take care of everything.


With a dedicated server, you are assured of higher reliability, complete privacy, and full security. With our dedicated support, we give you the freedom of total control. At Hosting Marketers, our highly qualified and expert technical team has managed and administered hundreds of servers since 2003.


Our servers are capable of high speeds and optimized for live streaming services.